When Placing Dental Implants, What Does The Procedure Look Like?

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two dental implant posts being placed into a jaw bone.

When people have one or more missing teeth that they want to replace with dental implants in Grandview, TX, then they may be interested to know what the procedure looks like to place them.

The process of planning how the dental implants will be placed, placing the dental implants, and securing a prosthesis to the dental implants is an entirely custom process for everyone who visits this advanced office. Continue reading to learn about the way dental implants are generally placed.

How Is The Placement Of Dental Implants In Grandview, TX, Planned?

Once it has been determined that the patient is a candidate for dental implants, the skilled doctor can start planning out their dental implant procedure. This starts with an intraoral scan and an x-ray to best understand their complex mouth structures. Following this, the doctor will present treatment plan strategies for their dental implant procedure.

Once that is agreed upon, the doctor will make a customized dental implant placement plan. This involves computer assisted design, or CAD for short, to aid them in giving the patient the individualized smile of their dreams. Once completed, the dental implants can be accurately placed.

How Are Your Dental Implants In Grandview, TX Placed?

Before the patient’s dental implants are surgically placed, they can choose whether or not they want to be administered with sedation dentistry for a painless and anxiety-free procedure. Once that has been decided on, the dental implant surgery can begin.

First, the doctor will perform any necessary bone grafting or tooth extraction procedures so the patient can have a successful dental implant placement. Then, the dental implant posts can be strategically and accurately placed in the patient jawbone. Once the dental implant posts are securely in place, the biocompatible post can fuse with the patients jawbone in a natural process called osseointegration.

After the site of the dental implant posts is healed and stable, the doctor is able to place the final prosthesis and cement it securely into place. This prosthesis is what looks and functions like healthy natural teeth. At the end of this restorative procedure, the patient will finally have a secure and reliable new smile that they can proudly share with the world.

Get Your New Smile With Us

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