Am I A Candidate For All-On-4® Dental Implants In Grandview, TX?

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a dental implant professional holding an implant model.

Want to be treated with All-On-4® Dental Implants but don’t know what makes people a candidate for them? Luckily, a quality doctor can determine if people are candidates for All-On-4 dental implants in Grandview, TX. Here is how All-On-4 dental implant candidacy can be determined for people who want to restore the look and function of their smile. When patients get All-On-4, their functional new smile can last for years to come.

Who Is An All-On-4 Dental Implant Candidate In Grandview, TX?

There are several reasons why people can be candidates for All-On-4 dental implants. For one, All-On-4 dental implants are for those who have a full arch of missing or damaged teeth. When people have a full arch of missing or damaged teeth, they can have difficulty in eating the foods they like, speaking with ease, and smiling with confidence. The All-On-4 treatment gives patients a shorter and less invasive procedure that is cost-effective.


Also, when people have had missing teeth for a long period of time, their jawbone can begin to deteriorate. While people with a small amount of bone decay can still be candidates for All-On-4’s, when people have extensive bone decay, they will need to get a bone grafting procedure before their dental implants can be successfully placed.


All-On-4 dental implant candidates can even be for those who don’t want to deal with the discomfort and instability of having traditional dentures. Traditional dentures are not secured to the patients jawbone and can sit uncomfortably on the patients deteriorating jawbone. With All-On-4’s, four strategically placed dental implants are used to stabilize the denture or prosthetic in the patients jawbone.

What Happens After People Become Candidates For An All-On-4 Dental Implant Treatment?

After becoming a candidate for All-On-4 dental implants in Grandview, TX, people can get an individualized procedure for it. All-On-4 dental implants can be custom designed and made to fit every patient’s unique needs and smile goals. When the dental implants are ready, the highly skilled doctor can strategically place the dental implants into the patients mouth for long-lasting and stable teeth that give patients a natural feeling and functional new smile.

You Should Come To Our Office For Your All-On-4 Dental Implants

When you need to restore the look and function of you smile, our advanced office can support you through the whole process. We place All-On-4’s with extreme precision and predictability so patients get the smile they need and deserve. If you are unsure about how you can fix your imperfect smile, you should come to our office for a consultation to see if you are a candidate for All-On-4 dental implants.


So, what are you waiting for? Get in contact with Dr. Michael Grier and our team of professionals at our Grinview Smiles office to schedule an appointment today!